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InfoIMG FAQs last updated on 21 August, 2012:

Normal order processing: Most of the orders received during the day are emailed within 3-6 hours for the months of September through November. If you do not receive your order within 24 hours, please contact us without hesitation as it has most likely gone in to spam/junk/bulk mail folder. We send the orders out by emails only and no hard copies are surface-mailed.

mportant: Please make sure you can receive ALL emails from, esp. We always email all the orders within 24 hours, except unavoidable circumstances. So, if you have not received your order, it has perhaps gone in to bulk/junk mail. The safest thing to do is - keep at least 1 MB (2 MB if 2-3 items ordered) storage space, add to your address book as a safe address/contact and get in touch with InfoIMG again if you do not receive your order within 24 hours.

1. Would the data be updated for 2013 match?
So far we have NOT updated the data for the upcoming 2013 match. The lists that we currently have were prepared for 2011 match. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. How do I know you guys are legit and not fraud?
The web is unfortunately rife with scams and as a result honest businesses also have to endure skepticism. InfoIMG understands your skepticism and thinks a certain dose of caution is healthy. InfoIMG has been helping IMGs since 2002 and has provided data files to many IMGs. In fact, our experience and the demand from our customers have encouraged us to provide data for 6 specialties, up from just 1 in 2002. We encourage you to read our
motivation behind the website. InfoIMG is not a fly-by-night website. We try everything possible to meet our IMG clients' demands and as a result we have many satisfied customers. Read some testimonials. Don't take our word for it. Actually many customers first purchase one list and then immediately purchase another one!

3. How does InfoIMG obtain the information and data?
InfoIMG aims to provide you nothing but the best, most accurate information. InfoIMG obtains the data just as you do. We contact the programs to obtain information. However, InfoIMG often goes beyond that by obtaining information from newspapers, program or hospital announcements, which is in public domain.

4. Why should I use data from InfoIMG and not from other websites?

(1) Preview the lists - seeing is believing and do not purchase data blindly.
(2) Nearly 1000 programs - we have data for the most number of programs for the specialties we cover.
(3) Experience you can count on - experience is the best teacher and you benefit from our experience.
(4) Helping IMGs since 2002 - a trusted name, a tradition and truly committed to helping IMGs.
(5) Result-oriented - Example: if you have scores of 80, there is no point in applying to programs requiring 85. Get better results by using our "80 or No minimum scores" lists instead.


5. What are the advantages of using InfoIMG's data?

We are often amazed at how many IMGs view the whole application process as a "slot machine". Many IMGs apply in excess of 100 programs and consider it a "good outcome" if they get even 10 interviews! This is not efficient. InfoIMG has customized data files that fit your profile. InfoIMG thinks if one applies judiciously, it should be possible to apply to just 50 programs and still get the 10 interviews or apply to 100 programs and get 20 interviews. InfoIMG will like to get you the most possible bang out of your buck. So, if you haven't called and made your own list of programs, using InfoIMG could save you several hundred dollars.

6. I can not seem to form a strategy about selecting programs. There are either too many programs or too few. Can InfoIMG help?
Yes. InfoIMG creates custom files and puts them online to enable IMGs choose programs that are good match to their credentials. Most of the files available on our website meet IMGs' needs. It is also cost-effective. However, if you want to leverage your particular strength or find programs that exactly mimic your profile, InfoIMG can help. We can search our database or go back to our data collection notes to find good fits for you, narrow or broaden the list of programs. For more on this and an example, click here.

7. How reliable and accurate is your data?

Let us be brutally honest. It is not 100% accurate. It is simply impossible due to all the changes that take place at Residency Programs to have accurate information. You will find a small percentage of errors - some programs have changed their criteria or requirements, some residents have left and so on. However, at the time of data collection InfoIMG has as exact as possible snap shot or statistics of the program. In this data business, it is very common to have 10-15% of data that is no longer correct.

8. Is there anything I need to keep in mind while using your data?
Yes. For a minute think you are writing a research paper. Most of the time you will first do a literature search and then narrow things down form that point. Consider InfoIMG's data or customized reports as the "lit search". It is a "lead", from where you will take on. So, you are strongly recommended to verify the data with the Residency Programs whose information you obtain from InfoIMG. Before deciding to apply or not to apply based on the data provided to you by InfoIMG and any information at InfoIMG, you MUST always contact the program and obtain the necessary up-to-date information and data.

9. Can I trust InfoIMG with my credit card or bank account information?
We encourage you to make payments to InfoIMG through
PayPal, an EBAY company. Your credit card or bank account information stays with Paypal and is NOT transmitted to InfoIMG. Almost all of our customers make payment using PayPal and so far not a single customer had any problem. Read the PayPal "Making Payments" FAQ (#10) from PayPal's website below:

. How private are PayPal transactions?
PayPal is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. When you send or request money using PayPal, the recipient never learns your bank account numbers or credit card numbers. He only sees your email address, date of sign-up, and whether you have completed PayPal's verification process. Please review our Privacy Policy for further information.

11. While making a payment through PayPal, what do I select as the 'payment type'?

12. Can I mail in a payment?
To avoid the risk of losing mail and prevent delays, we recommend you use PayPal. If you are having difficulty in making a payment or if PayPal is not available in your country, please
contact us. Please add in your address book/contacts to make sure you receive our reply. If you would still prefer to mail a check, please contact us and we would gladly provide you our mailing address.

13. Does InfoIMG issue refunds?
To keep overheads low, prevent abuse of data and to continue to provide you with low cost reliable data, we regret to inform that no refunds or exchanges are issued except at our discretion..

14. Why does InfoIMG charge IMGs?
We want IMGs to be information-savvy and make their residency application process cost-effective. By the time an IMG is ready to apply for residency programs, he or she has already spent several thousands dollars. It would be a pity and colossal waste of money if they were to spend again $2,000 to $3,000 or even more. By charging fees, InfoIMG aims to bring the programs that are likely to review his application to an IMG's attention. It prevents him from spending unnecessarily more on programs that are not likely to consider his applications. The savings are perhaps hundred times the fee InfoIMG charges for its data.
Gathering data (calling the programs, following up on that), website maintenance, labor, data entry and processing - all cost money. If InfoIMG does not charge for its services, it can neither sustain itself nor afford IMGs' needs for data. That will basically cost a lot to all.
Making InfoIMG a moneymaking machine is NOT our aim at all. The main goal is to help IMGs.

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Graduation 5 or more years ago

Green Card only

No Minimum Score or <=80

Internal Medicine Residency Programs that sponsor Both H1 & J1 visas

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USMLE scores 80 or less

5 or more years since graduation (aka old graduates)

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