PEDIATRIC Residency Programs:
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1. Pediatric Residency Programs requiring
No Minimum USMLE Scores or <=80. (PED-1)

2. Pediatric Residency Programs considering applicants with
more than 5 years since graduation. (PED-4)

3. Pediatric Residency Programs that sponsor
Both H1 visa & J1 visa. (PED-2)

4. Pediatric  Residency Programs that sponsor
Either H1 visa or J1 visa. (PED-3)

IMG friendly Pediatric Residency Programs (aka FMG friendly Pediatric programs). (PED-14)

Help is available: If you need help choosing the right list, please contact us. You can also ask us to create a custom list just for you based upon your credentials. See example.

New feature! We are pleased to annouce a new column called % Caribbean IMGs". It is a percentage of residents that graduated from 4 main Caribbean Medical Schools. They are mainly US-IMGs. Caribbean Grads from all 4 schools that matched in the past 3 years are added up and then shown as a % of total residents. That way you would know what types of IMGs a program has.

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