Top 5 reasons to choose InfoIMG
Top 5 reasons why InfoIMG is the premier website for IMGs:

1. Preview the list before purchasing:

See what is there in the list even before making the purchase. We want you to feel comfortable and purchase the list only if you find it useful, meaningful and meeting your requirements. No limited time subscriptions and no blind guesses about the contents! You get what you see.

2. Almost 1000 programs:

InfoIMG has the most number of programs in its database, compared to any other websites. We cull precise, useful, up-to-date and meaningful information for you from close to 1000 programs. We also enrich our database from publicly available sources and provide thorough, meaningful and result-oriented information to you.

3. Experience you can count on:

Experience is the best teacher. Just the way a surgeon gets better with each surgery; so do we - every match. We know which information is important and put useful information in a concise format. Every year we improve the quality, accuracy and usefulness of our data that benefits you and arms you with a competitive edge.

4. Earning trust, reputation and kudos since 2002:

We have been fortunate to help hundreds of IMGs with their residency search and have had many accolades along the way. We answer almost all emails and provide comprehensive answers while putting things in proper perspective. The joy and satisfaction as well as IMGs’ faith in us continue to drive InfoIMG. “
Prompt delivery…brilliant…trustworthy…excellent work…time saved…courteous” are some words our customers use for us…Read more.

5. No need to take pain to create list by yourself:

You are busy enough already with all the USMLE exams, gathering documents for ECFMG certification and/or gaining US clinical experience. You just want information that best meets your needs, not for a limited time, but yours to keep. Let InfoIMG give you a jump start.

Free IMG friendly list:

It takes time, resources, persistence and an eye for spotting useful information to create IMG friendly list. There are many IMG friendly or FMG friendly hospitals lists circulating the web and even some websites providing the same to unsuspecting IMGs. However,
free does not mean up-to-date, reliable and accurate. Click here for one such list that we have seen even before we started helping IMGs in 2002. Warning: It is of course outdated and contains unreliable information. And, you use it at your own risk.

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